“Urgent” – To U.S. Military, Police, and Officials from ‘We The People’ – WAKE UP !!

With much love and gratitude, I couldn’t have expressed it any better than these fine spiritual beings in the video below. Not too long ago, I shared with a member of my family that our founding fore fathers of this precious nation never intended much less imagined that todays governance would enslave and exploit ALL people, except for the few elitists/cabalists that is….With clarity and resolve, the intent has been communicated and the actions set into motion, not only in the the U.S., but globally – WAKE UP!! WE TAKE BACK OUR FREEDOM!!  Yes, our world will bear witness in the immediate period before us, the massive removal of oppressive and corrupt elitists/cabalists that have existed for eons….About time I say. I for one will be glad to experience the transformation and transition of our world from the suffering state it is to a harmonious and loving existence….Stay tuned into the media….This is all part of the Ascension process necessary for our world….Namaste my friends, Francine!

Published on Apr 27, 2012 by – LedaOhio7 – PATRIOTS CALL TO ARMS

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