Love Is The Key To Our Transformational Awakening and Ascension!


Universal timing is so perfect!  I just finished listening to Scott Mowry’s radio interview on ‘The Light Agenda’ in which he brought forth his song of choice at the end of the show, it left me feeling positively grateful and at one with the universe.  If you didn’t tune in, you can later anytime at  His message and tone resonated with me so beautifully that I am playing his favorite song here for us.  I was born in 1962 and definitely felt a connection with the ‘first wave of incarnates’ Scott references and I am sure many of you will too.  Love is all we need and now it is more important than ever. We have reached the ninth and final level of the mayan calendar in which our collective consciousness co-creates our world on-ward. We couldn’t be more empowered than we are now with our own minds. Literally, our consciousness will create our new world. Can you imagine that! If you wrap your minds around it, it begs for each of us to think positive thoughts, visualize beautiful planet imagery, project loving words to each being of all kingdoms from the center of the earth throughout the galaxy. A WORLD OF LOVE – think it, live it and love it. Mother Gaia – a lush, abundant, joyful, peaceful, celestial, loving and funfilled planet – all ours.  All we need to do is create it with our minds. So, YES create it now!!  All we need is love and it starts within you, within me, within each of us….Enjoy the music video!   With much love and gratitude….Namaste my friends, Francine!

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