GOD’s Celestial Creations, Music and Enlightenment



It is miraculous.  As I watch these intricate and beautiful images of our celestial bodies and hear Beethoven’s music, I close my eyes and feel GOD’s presence and voice within my sacred heart saying “I AM THE CREATIONIST, I CREATED YOU, I CREATED THE HEAVENS AND WE ARE ALL CONNECTED FROM THE SMALLEST MOLECULE BEYOND THE VASTNESS OF OUR UNIVERSE – WE ARE ALL ONE – ONENESS IS HIS MESSAGE.”  Life is that precious, that fragile, that strong, that loving, that grandiose, that majestic, that powerful, that connected, that united in consciousness as one with GOD.  Awaken for each of you are infinitely beings of GOD’s light that shines brilliantly into the universe.  Enjoy the video and share your impressions too….With much love and gratitude, Namaste my friends, Francine.

Uploaded by on Nov 13, 2010.  Beautiful music from Beethoven + beautiful images from Hubble telescope = 8 beautiful minutes

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