Feel The Joy!

                 My Joy!!

Tell Me Something That Brings You Joy….

How do I capture and convey the utter joy my soul feels right now in my life?  For just this moment, visualize every cell within you pirouetting alive to sacred geometry.  Healing and dancing like a symphony within each aligned chakra to music unfolding the beauty of awareness of all that is, all that’s one and springing forth its’ positive energy out to the universe. It’s a plethora of unwavering energy manifesting joy.  The great awakening the world is experiencing is providing the impetus for change and it’s this movement that brings to life my joy.  Indeed it’s a wonderful time to be here front and center watching the new world evolve one day at a time.  Friends, please enjoy the video by Playing For Change!!!!  And Tell me something that brings you joy or a moment that’s brought you joy…. 

Here’s a brief and incomplete list of what brings me joy (in no particular order)….

  1. our world and universe experiencing the great awakening
  2. witnessing Love and Oneness
  3. my family
  4. my dear friends being happy and laughing
  5. an intimate conversation revealing personal growth and forgiveness
  6. a hot cup of TAZO Lotus tea (or myriad of other teas) with Michelle and/or others
  7. Reiki (especially when a connection is made with the energy of love…words can’t describe it)
  8. sounds of birds singing and squirrels talking
  9. Spirit

Please reply and share with us something that brings you joy….with much love and gratitude, Namaste, Francine

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