You Know Him As Christ – His Return


You Know Him As Christ – His Return

My dear friends, the following post resonated within me and I wanted to share it with you too.  This is the first of two parts forthcoming.  Things are changing, have been changing, and will continue to change, but now at an accelerated pace.  Stay grounded and full of love for all beings and yourself.  Please share with others.  With much love and gratitude, Namaste, Francine


The Return of the Masters is Underway – Part 1 of 2

Posted by Steve Beckow on May 31, 2013 of Golden Age of Gaia

Lord Maitreya’s announcement, to be broadcast Monday, Jun 3, 2013 on An Hour with an Angel, that he is here and will be appearing publicly later this summer is about as clear an indication that the event known as “the Return of the Masters” is nearly upon us as there probably can or will be.

We heard Sanat Kumara, planetary logos, announce the Return of the Masters on An Hour with an Angel on May 28. On that occasion he also addressed our mastery and our return as the masters that we starseeds are once we’ve ascended. Because these events are truly epoch-making, here’s that exchange at length:

Sanat Kumara; Now, there are various masters, particularly Jesus Sananda and St. Germain, Lao-tzu, St. Francis, St. Claire, as you well know, (1) who are very involved also in this reawakening process. …

Steve Beckow: But just before you get to [your round-up], could you be a little more specific, please, on who the masters are who are here? Because I personally know of seraphim who are in incarnation; I know of elohim; I know of the leaders of some planetary high councils that are here; I know of prophets. So could you tell us in more detail or specificity who the people are who have come to participate in form in this Ascension effort, please?

SK: Now, also understand, as I say some of these names, there are those who choose not to be known, and that sometimes it is not an aspect [of their being that incarnates], but an expression of their being.

All of the Apostles as you have known them are already on the planet, as are most of the disciples that have walked with Yeshua, including his family — no, excluding the mother, of course, and excluding Jophiel [who incarnated as Joseph]. …

Saul/Paul, Mohammed — in aspect or expression; Moses, Abraham, most of the old prophets, as you have known them; many of the what you would think of as the eastern beings — Djwhal Khul, St. Germain pops in and out as aspect; Kuthumi, Maitreya — in and out, not fully anchored as yet. There is a new Buddha already born, and already in practice, in place. The Blue Tara, Green Tara. An aspect or an expression of Quan Yin. So they are already present upon the planet.

SB: And the rest of us, so to speak, I’ve heard it said that we are masterful individuals. What specifically is meant by “we are masterful individuals”? Are the rest of us Ascension masters as well, or who are we?

SK: You are yourselves. And that is why I say that in fact you are underestimating the fullness and the truth of who you are. (2)

In this series of articles, I’d like to prepare us for Maitreya’s interview on Monday, June 3, 2013, by looking at what our sources have said about the Return of the Masters.

In 2008, SaLuSa reassured us that “we know the tasks ahead are formidable but where your spiritual knowledge is concerned, the Masters will return to Earth to give you the truth. They will also tell you of what lies ahead, and how the choice is always yours as to which direction you go.” (3)

“Before very long the Masters will return to Earth and, with those already here, will ensure that the false teachings and historical records are either corrected or removed. The truth is not just something written into your records, but an energy that lifts other people up and brings them to a true understanding.” (4)

“When the Masters return you shall learn a lot more about the higher dimensions, and how you will need to adapt to the requirements necessary to live within them.” (5)

He referred to the Return of the Masters on many other occasions as well.

“The Masters … wait in readiness to return to Earth. You might say that the big guns are waiting to appear to you and that is correct, as the truth will sound more acceptable when it comes from those who are familiar to you. Jesus and many Angelic Beings such as Archangel Michael will address you and their words will carry a powerful energy, that will leave you in no doubt that they come to you with Love and Light.” (6)

Some are already here.

“The Masters are returning, and some are already incarnate carrying out their work to bring as many souls as possible into the Light. You have your ideas as to who they are, but for the time being they prefer to work unannounced. However, once the major changes are completed, some Masters will return as names in their own right.

“St. Germain who is so closely connected with your evolution has always come and gone as he pleases, and he will certainly make himself known to you.” (7)

Following disclosure, which we already know Archangel Michael has said is “underway,” (8) they will declare themselves as part of the general revelations.

“The Masters of Wisdom … will be coming to Earth. Indeed some are already with you waiting for their opportunity to reveal who they are and serve the people.” (9)

Archangel Michael through Debbie Erasmus says that a wave of wayshowers will come with the Masters. These wayshowers will be those among us who have ascended early – what i call “the early risers.”

“You are now standing at the cusp of Ascension in earnest with the opening of the 12.12.12 portal. This portal signifies the start of the Ascension process because with it will come a wave of Wayshowers that will infiltrate all the corners of the Earth who will show those who are meant to ascend their way to Ascension.

“These Wayshowers are people of high consciousness and with a high level of understanding of how Ascension works. These people hold an extraordinary high Light quotient on the Planet and they are significant in helping Gaia and her people ascend at this time.

“You will know these Wayshowers when they are among you by their presence. I say this because it will be impossible to act as if they are not there. They will have a commanding presence that will compel you to listen to what they have to say. They come in unconditional love and will speak to you with words that you will easily understand.” (10)

The Return of the Masters is one of the important events in our Ascension. They’ll smooth the Earth’s acceptance of our star family, reassure the followers of different religions that Ascension is legitimate and nearly upon us, and watch over the building of a new society.

It’s we that will build that new society. And they have no intentions, apparently, of somehow dictating what that new society will look like or taking the enjoyment of building it away from us. Its shape is left up to us to decide. But they’ll be available to mentor and guide us as needed.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the history of the discussion of the masters return and in following parts of this series we’ll look at the impact of their return on spirituality and religion and our role as wayshowers and returning masters as well.


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