About 5dascension


Welcome to 5dascension where my mission as a Wayshower is to spread the news of transformation from a 3rd dimensional to a 5th dimensional existence!  2013 is your freewill opportunity to awaken your spirit, senses, chakras, higherself, angelic self and light bodies to full consciousness!  I anticipate this year will unfold “Disclosure” revealing we are not alone and how our star brethens “up there” (Angelic and Galactic Beings) will help us instill new found ways of living in peace and spiritual enlightenment with and amongst all beings of all kingdoms upon earth.

With much love, gratitude and humility, I am a Wayshower and a Usui Teate Reiki Master Shihan / Teacher.  Namaste my friends, Francine.
My Favorite Quote
“It’s not just about the brotherhood or the sisterhood – it’s about the family of the universe – the quality of connection between all beings, all races, all genders, all forms of life – and the sacred nature of all forms of life – and that each communicates uniquely and beautifully in their own way – if you just stop, allow and listen.” 
By Marianna one of my guardian Angels and spiritual guides.

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