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With love and joy, a blogsite focused on broadcasting current news and events world wide on spirituality, enlightenment, ascension, becoming aware, waking up, taking down the elitist cabal, disclosure, NESARA, lightholders channeled messages from our higher angelic realms of star beings, banking resignations, new health concepts, new means of travel and communications, planetary evolution, etc…Replacing our system with a divine interconnected system and becoming a Galactic Star Nation. Tune in weekly for broadcasts….This is exciting NEWS !  Every cell within me is alive with love….Namaste my friends, Francine!

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Geoff in Costa Rica – Geoff West is co-host of An Hour with an Angel and worked in the national newsroom of a major Canadian news network. He’s taken on the challenge of starting the first newshour broadcast dedicated to Disclosure, accountability, and Ascension.  Geoff’s program began Friday, April 13, 2012, 6:00 PM CST on

The 2012 Scenario interviewed Geoff on his strategies and goals:

Steve Beckow: Geoff, what do you hope to accomplish through your news hour, Cosmic Vision News?

Geoff West: I have two goals: one personal and one for the benefit of humanity.

The personal goal is to expand my skills set in what I believe to be my ‘truth’ or purpose during this exciting time of transition and transformation. All that I know and feel up to this moment of ‘now’ indicates to me that I’ve been prepared to be a communicator of a rather complicated message to people around the world. My life experiences have helped me to see this.

The message that has become A Greenprint For LIFE (1) is a very broad message, attempting to reach people in any capacity that is meaningful for each uniquely-different yet equally-beautiful soul to receive.

Cosmic Vision News is an aspect of this message that aims to bridge the transition we’re making. For a short time, until the world becomes confident that the current changes are truly beneficial for humanity and the planet, they still need certain things that are familiar. They still want to have news; they still want to hear about the lives of others, and to know what’s happening on and around our planet.

As the program grows, and I gain greater experience and skill in providing it, I’d like to believe that this show will evolve beyond radio and become one of the trusted media sources for covering Disclosure, because this is one of my highest personal goals at this time.

It is a time for courage, and although I am putting myself into a very challenging position, taking on a program of this nature almost by myself, there is a learning curve that’s pushing me to new limits. It’s something that I’ve known for quite some time, and admittedly, perhaps I was afraid to step into a role such as this a long time ago.

The second goal is service to humanity, our planet and our galactic families – to life itself. This will be a test for me personally in my ability to discern what is real and what is not. Like everyone, I’m learning to develop my power of discernment. The aim is to provide something familiar – that is, information which I believe at the time to be valid and relevant –  but to also wean people off what may have once been familiar to guide them towards their inner knowing. All truth flows from here.

There is a lot of information and a lot of disinformation out there. The public is now beginning to see that the mainstream media have been serving up buffets of disinformation for years, so I hope that people will be somewhat understanding with me when I make mistakes.

At the end of the day, each listener and viewer is not being asked to believe anything that I share, but rather to take the information that is offered and see if it has a place within the individual heart receiving it. Is this info meant to be a part of one’s truth in this moment of ‘now’, or is it not?

Steve: What will the format be, the time and place to connect with it?

GW: The format will evolve depending upon availability of people for interviews and suggestions by our listeners. The starting format aims to look something like this:

  • Approx 20-30 of news from around the world, focusing primarily on disclosure but also any events that will help expose those responsible for the enslavement of humanity and the destruction of our planet.
  • A commentary may be offered, by me or a guest.
  • At least one interview if possible with one knowledgeable about events unfolding.
  • An ‘entertainment’ portion of the show, where I will be looking to connect with celebrities whom I feel want to share their important messages about what they see happening in the world at this time. I would like them to come and share, first as human beings, but secondly as humans who happen to also be celebrities. They can share what they believe about disclosure, any experiences, why they feel it has been kept hidden, what world they are seeing in the near future, and what they are personally doing to help achieve it.
  • Perhaps health related news and/or new technologies that are not being widely promoted but could be beneficial.
  • The week’s summary of disclosure videos, the locations of where sightings occurred. (links will be needed if anyone sends me info) The published version of the show later will include links to as many sources for the show as possible.

The show will be heard on Fridays in North/South America, ranging between 1600 (4PM) Pacific to 1900 (7PM) Eastern. For Europe, Asia and Australia, it will be Saturday morning, ranging from 0000 in London, 0100 CET, 0200 Kiev, 0300 Moscow, 0600 Bangkok, 0800 Tokyo and 1000 Sydney.

Steve: What background do you have in delivering the news and reporting on the galactics, disclosure, etc.?

Geoff: My first degree is a bachelors in Radio and Television. I have worked on-air in radio and also for awhile at CTV (Canadian TV) National News in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I left the industry years ago because I was neither ready nor willing to sacrifice my morals and ethics to play the game that we’re now seeing within the mainstream media. I promised myself I’d only return to this industry when I could deliver my message on my terms, and not have it censored or controlled by external interests.

My second degree is a Masters in Peace Education. This begins to connect to the issue of disclosure. This aspect of my work has become more significant only within the last four to five years.

In working on the Greenprint For LIFE, there was a pattern that was unfolding with that work that lead me to a (personal) conclusion that I no longer wanted to waste time or money trying to put so many smaller ‘fires’ in our world that will never get put out in the current paradigm. I came to the realization that the elitists want us to stay focused on issues such as fighting specific diseases or saving specific animals or addressing specific issues. The list is endless.

As long as people are kept from uniting on the true source of all the problems, they’ll eventually run out of money, and their only choice will be to continue following the lifestyle of debt, and whatever messages of fear the media pumped into them, while keeping them addicted to 24/7/365 news, entertainment and sports.

I chose to start focusing on the source of all these problems, knowing that by exposing the source, all the other smaller problems will begin to disappear very rapidly. Since it has been rather challenging for the masses to rise up against the elitist establishment, I knew that humanity needed more help. That help comes in the form of our galactic families.

Disclosure and the exposure of the elitist cabal come hand in hand. It would take far too long for humanity to overturn the elitist cabal on their own, given history as example. Our galactic families cannot help us unless humanity stands up and starts demanding change.

So, in order for people to start standing up and demanding change, they have to be made aware that our leaders, institutions of leadership, of media, of education and of religion have been deeply corrupted and are no longer serving the majority of humanity. This action will bring disclosure.

Disclosure, on the other hand, scares many people, and the fear that has been driven into them by fear-based messages from elitist-controlled institutions has certainly not helped. So both types of information are required at this time to help all people connect to what is meaningful and with more and more people openly living their lives as though disclosure is just a ‘given’, people will see that others are not fearful, and if they choose, they will also embrace that to join the awakening and ascending humanity.

My experience is growing daily in reporting about our galactic families, especially from co-hosting An Hour with an Angel. It’s greatest strength and inspiration comes from desperately wanting freedom, health and prosperity for me and all. It comes also from a deep knowing within me that we are an important and beautiful part of something much much bigger than any of use can truly grasp at this time.

But I also believe that we are at the doorstep, getting ready to cross the threshold in celebration of a new life together with our galactic families and a higher vibration of life that has been kept dormant and hidden within us. It is experience that just comes as I follow my heart.

Steve: Are you doing this by yourself or do you have a team of helpers?

Geoff: I have been offered technical help by Graham Dewyea when it is needed. A couple of people, and you are one of them, Steve, have offered to sit on occasional shows, providing discussion and possible commentary, along with Stephen Cook in Australia.

A former colleague of my broadcasting days in Parry Sound, Thomas Dowswell provided the voice-over for the introduction to the show, and he may be a contributor in the future. Thanks to all of you!

If there are any who may be interested in contributing news pieces on specific topics such as health, technologies or the summary of video sightings and have experience, preferably broadcast writing experience, that would be great! I can send an outline of guidelines at that time. Contributing sound bites helps with variety in the show as well.

I am looking for some trusted alternative news websites. There are a few I have, but lately I have not felt comfortable with some of the articles I am seeing on them.

The types of news stories I am looking for are these:

  • Positive stories about disclosure; not fear-mongering stories
  • Stories that help expose the dark cabal activities; not articles about what they are still trying to do. ie: start another world war, or create a pandemic. Those will not appear in this show.
  • Earth-changes stories will be considered if there is time/space; i.e., earthquakes, solar flares, etc.
  • If there is a specific message from our galactic families that has something particularly meaningful to say, this will be considered also. I will need the source and the link to the information before this will go to air.
  • If you come across a spectacular site teaching people how to build new free energy devices (especially if they offer the information for free), this may get coverage also.
  • Ideas that empower people to start creating something in their communities. Since governments won’t do anything for us – any information from around the world showing people and communities doing things for themselves may also benefit others. It has to be something that can help as many people as possible.
  • If you’d like to submit something but aren’t sure if it fits, please contact me to ask. “Is the information something that is potentially meaning to many, if not most people around the world?”.

Steve: What’s the one thing you want the world to know that has spurred you into this form of service?

Geoff: I have two, because disclosure and the removal of the dark cabal go together. Our world is not alone. We are not alone! Humanity has an incredible opportunity at this time to embrace a long-lost branch of our collective family.

This family both within, upon and beyond Gaia want to reunite with us! It is time to meet the good members of our galactic families and separate from the influence of the darker ones. There is abundant info to support this is one is only willing to open one’s heart and mind.

The second is also extremely important! As mass arrests begin to happen, people will be confused and may be very angry. Now, especially now, as humanity prepares to enter a new way of living, please consider the consequences carefully if you are one called on to help decide the fate of any who are arrested. Be the voice of reason and compassion to those around you.

Why? You would not build a house on quicksand because the foundation is so unstable. Would you want to start a new era of peace, health and abundance for all with the residual energies of having inflicted harm or death upon those who enslaved you? Is this the energy that we want to start a New Earth? What would you tell your children? What will they tell their children? This new foundation must be built on compassion, forgiveness, love and true peace.

They will be held accountable, but it does not have to be with violence and revenge. What we are being given is a one-in-a-million lifetimes opportunity to experience something that our galactic families say is very rarely offered; a very rapid transformation and a chance to ascend together along with our planet.

Is it worth it to hang on to negative energies? In the name of peace, Nelson Mandela walked out of prison after 26 years and forgave those who imprisoned him. They will be held accountable. They do not have to be treated in the same way as they treated us.

Regardless of how uniquely different we are, we are all equally beautiful in the oneness that is life. The goal we all share is to find and honour our respective message and gift to humanity, and empower ourselves to share it with love, compassion and courage while also honouring the uniquely different yet equally beautiful truths of all others – including our galactic families and all aspects of life. It is the goal we are now being called to serve.

It is a path that we all have chosen to walk at this time. It is time to awaken and remember who we are, and what we came to create at this time! Let’s walk it together!



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