“all that I know all that is true”


“all that I know all that is true”

Is within my knowing, 2013 is about unfolding the visible wings of Love within ourselves both individually and collectively….for letting go and trusting again….for living with happiness….for manifesting our biggest dreams….for learning to accept love as well as to give love…not with our minds, but with our hearts.  Hard as it may be to forgo ego, it is much easier to offer love and receive it with humility.  For I believe each being upon our planet and throughout the universe is a brilliant light presence of GOD.  I believe a dimensional shift upgrading our energetic frequencies (ascension) is occuring (and has occured for some) opening our hearts to new and profound beginnings, proliferating love with each breath en masse and reverberating throughout the vast universe .  Love with GOD is where I rest my head now, for you are so beautiful….This message is posted with so much love from my heart that I find it difficult to convey its fullness.  Share your wings of Love my friends….Please enjoy this song “Beautiful” written and recorded by Damien Leith.  With much love and gratitude, Namaste my friends, Francine.